Welcome to the CakePHP Upgrade Guide (by CakeDC)

This guide is intended for people who want to upgrade a CakePHP 3 application to CakePHP 4.

There are some premises you need to ensure before actually doing the upgrade:

  • Your application must be on latest CakePHP 3.x.
  • Your PHP version must be 7.2 or higher. Since active support has just finished for PHP 7.4, this should not be a problem. However please check it. We strongly recommend using PHP 7.4 or even better, 8.1.

It is important that you follow the steps one by one because some of them depend on the previous ones.

Also note that some information included in this guide is also available in the CakePHP Book since we have prepared this document based on official docs and our experience through more than twenty upgrade jobs done.

Now lets start baking our upgraded app!

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